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Achieve Your Dream Home with Ascend Remodel & Construction Co.

Ascend Remodel & Construction Co. offers a wide range of home remodeling and construction services within the areas of San Marcos, Dripping Springs, Wimberley, Kyle, Canyon Lake, and New Braunfels, Texas. We rarely take on projects outside of Hays County and Comal County because this is home and every project is personal for us. We specialize in custom designs, design-build construction projects. We strive to be on the cutting edge of building design, construction methodologies, and high-performance construction techniques. Whenever possible, we build with environmentally-friendly building materials and energy-efficient equipment. For many, we work to integrate Smart Home Technology into the build. This combination of home construction and renovation knowledge, experience, and techniques make us unique and makes our clients happy.

Have you been dreaming of a home design or a space in your existing home that exactly represents your needs and personality? Are you in need of experts to guide you through the whole process of achieving the home you’ve always wanted? Are you willing to trust a contractor to materialize your idea of the perfect home?

Trust Ascend Remodel & Construction Co. to take on the project of making your dream home a reality! Let us hear your concepts and allow our team to build on your ideas. A professional designer or home builder or remodeling guru might be what you are looking for; however, our methods and services are not for everyone. This is not to say that we are exclusive or expensive but that we are selective. Since we cannot take on every project or every client, we are selective and make sure that we are a good fit for you and your project is a good fit for us. When we take on your project, it is a commitment, a responsibility that we take seriously. In the end, you have to be happy with our work and the process that it took to get there. We will not accept any less.

From the initial planning stages to style and interior design to material acquisition and to selections; from the building process to the punch list to the final turnover, Ascend Remodel & Construction Co. will be there for you every step of the way! You can trust our expertise and willingness to help you achieve your lifelong dream of having a great home.

We are passionate about remodeling and construction. If you choose to be one of our clients, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our work. We will take the time and do whatever it takes to ensure you are happy when your project is complete. We want you to love your new space.

Our core values


We care about people, the environment, and the impact we make.


We create environments that make people comfortable and happy.


We do quality work no matter what.

Achieve Your Dream Home with Ascend Remodel & Construction Co.

We love the environment! And because of this, we try our best to do things differently. As a home building company who utilizes various construction equipment and materials, we always go for the safest methods that will reduce the possibility of us contributing to global warming or climate change. This means implementing green construction by using eco-friendly building materials and minimizing our carbon footprint by using energy-efficient equipment. Doing our part in saving the environment is a top priority, and we try to employ this with every single project that we take on.

Our main goal is maintaining top quality works to provide an outcome that our clients will surely be proud of. So much effort has been put into all the completed projects that we’ve done, and we take pride on our diverse portfolio.

We are willing to deliver the type of reality that you would like us to materialize in your new home. We will make sure that the best and safest resources are available to make it happen and we also have our fully-trained and well-experienced construction personnel to help us get the job done. It will be a great journey driven by team work and good communication in a collaborative environment.

A home should be elegant but functional. This is a principle that we live by as we provide our services to our clients. A combination of seamless design and practical elements makes a great home construction or renovation project, and we do our best to attain this every time.

Choosing us to build your new house or remodel your existing home will be a decision that you will never regret. Contact Ascend Remodel and Construction Co. today and let’s begin working on your project!

A full shot of a room with a glass window and white custom shelves.

Our focus and specialties include

A full shot of the nursery room with droopers, a ceiling fan, decorative ornaments, a baby crib, and a wood musk floor.
Custom Designs​
A full shot of the Blue House yard with a driveway and a grass lawn.
Green Building Construction​
A full shot of a house under construction.
Eco-Friendly Building Materials​
A close up of a comfort room basin with pedestal and mirrors.
Energy Efficient Materials and Construction
A full shot of a living room with a fireplace, sofa, wooden musk floor, carpet, and a tall ceiling.
Using Reclaimed Materials​
A close-up of a server rack inside a house.
Smart Home Technology​

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