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Custom Homes

We Don't Just Build Custom Homes. We Turn Your Dreams into a Reality!

People who are trying to build the custom homes of their dreams will have to make several tough decisions, one of which is the selection of their builders. All new custom homes builders will tell you that they can offer quality construction within your time frame and budget. While most can consistently deliver in these categories, several factors set us apart from the competition. 

Our commitment to providing people with innovative designs and our dedication to high-quality customer service are the hallmarks of Ascend Remodel & Construction Co. 

Why Choose Us?

Quality but Affordable Construction Service

If you are looking for a contractor in San Marcos, Canyon Lake, or New Braunfels, Texas, turn to us! At Ascend Remodel & Construction Co., we use only quality materials to make sure that your new home is exactly the way it should be! As an educated consumer, we know that you’ll shop around to find a good price that includes attention to craftsmanship. 

It is important to remember, however, that the cheapest price isn’t always the best, and a lasting project is usually worth more. Several variables will affect the overall cost of custom homes. Rest assured, though, that we will work with you in planning your budget, and that your money will go to where it needs to be!

Our Process and Craftsmanship Make the Difference

Ascend Remodel & Construction Co. has years of experience building high-end custom homes. We have a team of professional contractors, craftsmen, and suppliers with whom we have established long-standing relationships based on attention to detail, quality work, and timeliness. We build every home as if it was ours! We closely supervise and inspect the construction to make sure that you’ll get a house that you will be proud to own! 

When building custom homes, we try to learn more about you and your family. This helps us understand what you need and want in a home as we plot the final design. We always build homes based on our customers’ personalities and unique lifestyles! 

Aside from providing outstanding fieldwork, we also complete the management of our projects with the utmost professionalism. Proposals, permitting, and detailed estimating are essential to a successful project.

We’ll then start creating floor plans with structural details. Our goal is to give you an idea about the scope of work, overall quality, and cost of the project. 

Your Satisfaction is Our Greatest Success

We strongly believe that serving our clients as the best custom homes builder in Texas is both a responsibility and a privilege. We do more than just build a beautiful structure! A trait that sets Ascend Remodel & Construction Co. apart is that we attribute our success to the experience and satisfaction that our clients have from the beginning through the completion of the project. 

We want a positive experience for you and your family. We will keep you involved during the building process. We’ll communicate with you any improvements or possible problems that we see during the construction. 

While our expertise lies in transforming creative ideas into reality, we are determined to ensure that our clients are always updated and having fun engaging in the process. 

We Are Flexible

One of the best things about doing custom homes is that every project is different. No two homes we have built are the same. Therefore, our builders are trained to adjust to any challenge along the way! 

Every house we built is completely custom-made. We can be flexible with any design that will suit your needs and budget. If it’s luxury you want, we’ve got you covered! If it’s just a simple, budget-friendly home you need, we’re good with that too! Our commitment to customer service does not have a limit. We will do our best to make your dream custom homes a reality! 

When you hear the name Ascend Remodel & Construction Co., we want you to think of competency, creativity, and honesty. We are the custom homes builder that you would want to work with and confidently refer to others! 

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