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Kitchen Remodel

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A kitchen remodel is a good way to increase the value of your Texas home. Having a brand-new kitchen is at the top of most homeowners’ wish lists. To fully enjoy this space, it has to be done properly. Ascend Remodel & Construction Co. offers several kitchen remodeling services that will make your space more beautiful and functional than you could have ever imagined! 

Before starting any kitchen remodeling project, it’s important to assess your existing space and layout. There are several things to consider. Are we making changes to the floor plan? Do you need a new color scheme? Are you considering adding new appliances and fixtures? 

If you are still unsure of what you’d like, our experienced project managers are more than happy to help. We can show you sample pictures of what we have worked on before so you can get ideas.

Options When Remodeling Your Kitchen

A kitchen renovation does not always involve tearing down the entire area. Even a small kitchen remodel like refinishing can change the look and feel of your space without the cost of a large full scale renovation. We offer a wide range of remodeling services. Most homeowners request the following: 


A close-up of a kitchen stove, oven, kitchen drawers, and kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet replacement or refinishing are commonly included in most renovations. The style of your cabinets can set the tone of the entire kitchen, not to mention their great use in storing cooking utensils, ingredients, and more. At Ascend Remodel & Construction Co., we offer a number of cabinet door styles and color choices. You are sure to find a hue that will match your home’s overall style and color. Kitchen cabinet ideas also include choosing between custom and stock cabinets and individual hardware options like knobs and hinges. 

If you are working on a tight budget, one of the most cost-effective ways to restyle your cabinets is to repaint them. A refacing project may work too! 


A close-up of the island kitchen sink below a twin chandelier and decorative ornaments at the back.

Countertops play a huge role in the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. The design and materials are important considerations in any kitchen remodeling project. There are a lot of options to choose from. You can swap out your old countertops with granite, quartz, tiles, wood, concrete, and more!

Along with the choice of materials, you can also select individual countertop colors, edges, and sizes. 


A close-up of a Kitchen Backsplashes with chairs.

Much more than just a functional surface, kitchen backsplashes have become a major feature of most modern kitchen designs. There are several types of backsplashes to choose from. Do you want a stunning glass design? How about upcycled bricks or mosaics? 

Any material can be used to great effect as long as they match the rest of your kitchen style. Bright modern feature walls are best paired with white cabinets and neutral countertops. We can also carry the countertop stone up onto your walls for a seamless and more sophisticated look. 

Ascend Remodel & Construction Co. offers a wide range of products for kitchen backsplashes! We have the expertise and experience needed to create your dream kitchen! 


Kitchen Flooring

Do you have attractive cabinets and countertops but feel like the look of your kitchen does not quite match? Perhaps it’s time to redo your flooring! The options are many, but there are advantages and disadvantages to each. We can help choose the best material based on your needs and style. 

If you lack ideas, we can show you pictures of what we think are best for your kitchen. From modern unified color schemes to something more contrasting and unique, we’ve got you covered! 

While these are the more common kitchen remodel projects people do to change the look and feel of their kitchen, we also offer several other options, including new lighting, adding an island, installing new sinks and fixtures, and a whole lot more. 

Regardless of what you decide to do to your kitchen, Ascend Remodel & Construction Co. will make sure everything is done up to code and in a timely manner. Our prices are competitive considering the quality of work we offer. 

We provide kitchen remodeling services throughout all Texas, especially in San Marcos, Canyon Lake, and New Braunfels. If you want your kitchen to be remodeled now, no worries! Our team will follow all the health and safety protocols when doing the renovation. 

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